A Late Oktoberfest

This weekend was the last weekend of October, and as such we thought we should fit in a late Oktoberfest-style feast over the weekend. We must have been busy mid September, because we completely forgot about it!

This weekend definitely made up for things! Friday & Saturday saw us devour a couple of kranskis & viennas each along with some bread rolls, sauerkraut, mustard & ketchup. Saturday night I knocked back a lovely homebrewed Candi Lager too, 2007 vintage. Very very good inbetween mouthfuls of kranski & kraut.

Today Canaan marinated a turkey hindquarter in homebrew, honey, wholegrain mustard, salt, pepper, dried thyme, dried sage, and fresh garlic. Some potatoes were thrown in a baking dish and cooked until the skins were nice and brown. He also cooked up some sauerkraut with onions, diced ham, garlic, chicken stock, white pepper and white sugar. The sausage component was a couple of sliced cheese kranskis lightly fried, and a couple of sliced viennas (we’d been eating them for a couple of days now so didn’t have too many left!). Salad-wise he made a delicious apple & cucumber salad – chunky diced apple, chunky diced cucumber, salt & pepper, and a yoghurt & mayonnaise mix (50/50).  Everything was served with a big green salad each, consisting of cos lettuce, roma tomatoes & diced carrot. Some sliced bread and a glass or two of Bundaberg ginger beer, and we were all very content!

I’m not quite German-ed out yet — I’m looking forward to some tasty turkey & kraut leftovers tomorrow for lunch 😀 I think I’ve eaten my fill of cheese kranskis though for a while — time for some leaner meaty options! 😛


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