Thai Chicken, Potato and Loquat Curry Recipe

This afternoon we made a Thai chicken curry for dinner, with potato, zucchini, diced fresh tomatoes, freshly picked silverbeet and spring onions, some homegrown kaffir lime leaves, and homegrown loquats!

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Soy Chicken Thigh Salad Recipe

Today we used up the leftover citronette dressing from lastnight’s dinner, on another simple salad dish; this time for lunch. I fried up some sliced chicken thighs in some sunflower oil and a generous drizzle of soy sauce, and when they were nearly finished threw in some sliced leek just for extra vege content. It was served on a bed of cos lettuce and tomato slices, and garnished with a couple of boiled eggs. The citronette was, again, really realllly good.

Lemon Chicken, Rice, and Vegetables in Oyster Sauce


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Lemon Chicken Marsala Recipe

Here’s a great-tasting, super-easy chicken recipe that I threw together the other day for an early dinner. This dish started with a corn-feed chicken which was on special at our local supermarket – about $6.00 for a 1.5kg bird. Marsala is a sweet, aromatic fortified wine. If you can’t find it you could use a medium-dry or a sweet sherry instead.

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Simple Roast Chicken and Potatoes – Recipe

This is barely a recipe, but that said, it might be useful for those looking for a basic idea of the ingredients and method required to cook a roast chicken. You could really use any size chook within the 1.5 to 2kg range, and the number of spuds can also vary according to how many mouths you’ll be feeding / how many leftovers you want!

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Soya Chilli Chicken, or Chicken in a Master Sauce, or Red Cooked Chicken Recipe

Here in Perth you often see Soya Chicken hanging in the windows of Chinese BBQ shops and Asian foodhall stalls. The secret of Chinese Soya Chicken is the soy sauce broth or Master Sauce which it is simmered in. Chinese cooks reuse the same broth over and over again after reboiling, straining out and replacing the aromatic components. Over time more meat stock is imparted into the broth and its richness is continually enhanced.

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Wildschwein’s Chicken Rice Recipe

This is one of our favourite dishes. We usually buy it at food halls as ‘Hainanese Chicken Rice‘, but it’s also fun and relatively easy to make at home. The first time I tried this was in Malaysia, ordered by my Mum via hotel room service. The first time the other half of space wildschwein tasted it was at a food hall in Fremantle. We’ve all loved it ever since.

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Sunny Sunday Chicken, Leek and Potato Fritters Recipe

Today was a beautifully sunny day. After a nice relaxed lunch of open sandwiches – made with leftover chicken and pork from yesterday’s BBQ, potato salad made using the leftover spuds and carrots, and some salad greens and homemade bread – we felt like something warm but light for dinner. In the spirit of Oktoberfest, potato pancakes with chicken and leek were the go, using some more of yesterday’s leftover BBQ chicken, pulled off the carcass. The leek was picked up at a local Sunday market. Here is the recipe!

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A Weekend at the Weber #2: Bavarian-style Roasted Chicken (Oktoberfest Chicken) and Brined Pork Forequarter Roast Recipes

As a follow up to our previous post we though we would provide the recipes for the chicken and pork dishes we made. Both of these are easy to prepare and take regular ingredients to an all new level of flavour and succulence. The Bavarian chicken recipe is so simple it’s almost not a recipe. Placing a handful of fresh parsley inside the cavity makes for a very moist bird. The brined pork has nearly all the sweet salty complexity of an old fashioned country ham. We, of course, cooked both of these in our Weber BBQ, but you could just as easily do them in the oven or on a rotisserie. Here are the recipes…

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Oktoberfest Is Here!

A beautiful spring day…

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