A Late Oktoberfest

This weekend was the last weekend of October, and as such we thought we should fit in a late Oktoberfest-style feast over the weekend. We must have been busy mid September, because we completely forgot about it!

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Making a Roasted Barley and Honey Ale

Here is my most recent batch of beer. I really felt like doing something with honey in it, so I threw this recipe together. I found a 1kg tin of liquid malt extract at Coles near where they stock their honey – it’s made by a company called Saunders and was only $7.99.

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A Weekend at the Weber #2: Bavarian-style Roasted Chicken (Oktoberfest Chicken) and Brined Pork Forequarter Roast Recipes

As a follow up to our previous post we though we would provide the recipes for the chicken and pork dishes we made. Both of these are easy to prepare and take regular ingredients to an all new level of flavour and succulence. The Bavarian chicken recipe is so simple it’s almost not a recipe. Placing a handful of fresh parsley inside the cavity makes for a very moist bird. The brined pork has nearly all the sweet salty complexity of an old fashioned country ham. We, of course, cooked both of these in our Weber BBQ, but you could just as easily do them in the oven or on a rotisserie. Here are the recipes…

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Oktoberfest Is Here!

A beautiful spring day…

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Homemade Mandarine Soda

We had some mandarines in the fruit bowl that we needed to use, so we juiced and used them in general accordance with our ginger beer recipe. The result is a deliciously sweet and refreshing mandarine soda.

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Three Homebrews in Three Hours: Coopers Bitter, Australian Heritage Draught and Boutique Australian Candi Lager

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Canaan’s Canadian Bitter Light Brown Ale Recipe

canadian bitter

This is my most recent homebrew. It was made with a Coopers Canadian Blonde kit, 50g chocolate malt, 200g crystal malt, 500ml liquid rice malt, 30g Saaz hops pellets (flavouring), a 12g Hallertauer hops teabag (aroma) and 1kg bag of Coopers Brew Enhancer 2. I used the kit’s ale yeast to ferment this one.

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Brown Bavarian Lager Recipe


Here is a brew I made a little while back, and that I have been drinking steadily over the past week or two. I used the Coopers Bavarian Lager kit and tweaked it a little by adding a 100g steep of chocolate malt, 700g of light dried malt extract, 300g of dried dark malt extract, and 20g of Saaz hops for aroma. I fermented with the kit’s yeast, which is a true lager type. As you can see it has a deep brown, amber colour. The chocolate malt has given it a nice roasty bitterness. Another really good drop. Hooray for Coopers!

Ye Olde Fashioned Ginger Beer Recipe and the Theory of Homemade Soda

ginger beer

I’ve been pondering writing a post on lacto-fermented soft drinks for quite a while, but I’ve been in beer mode and haven’t done any homemade soft drinks for a year or so. I recently got inspired!

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Smells Like Teenage Wheat Beer – or Does It? – Beer Recipe


I remember spending many of my late teenage years in Western Australian pubs sucking on an Australian wheat beer called Redback which is made by the Matilda Bay Brewing Co. It’s pretty different to German Weizen Lagers as it is quite sweet in flavour. Bartenders used to counteract the sweetness by stuffing a lemon wedge down the neck when they served it up – a practice I liked at the time, and something that used to be quite trendy, but it’s now considered pretty stupid, with Matilda Bay itself even mocking the practice.

For nostalgic reasons I thought I might do a Redback clone and so conjured up the following ‘kit and kilo’ recipe (going to the bottleshop (=liquor store) and buying a bottle would have been too easy!). I initially got some advice on a home brew forum and also went to Matilda Bay’s website to find out the general composition of the beer to use as a guide.

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