A Late Oktoberfest

This weekend was the last weekend of October, and as such we thought we should fit in a late Oktoberfest-style feast over the weekend. We must have been busy mid September, because we completely forgot about it!

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Vienna’s and Weisswurst’s with Mustard, Bread, and Braised Lettuce

Following on from our previous post, tonight’s dinner was another simple concoction. We bought these sausages today from Dubrovniks in Bayswater – definitely the best butcher in Western Australia. Everything you buy there has the most transcendental flavour, and the sausages aren’t full of crap – they’re the real type that give you that ‘pock’ sound when you bite in to them. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you haven’t had a good enough sausage before! 🙂 After poaching our snags, we served them with a buttered bread roll, some simply braised lettuce (we didn’t have any sauerkraut around, but this worked really well!), and a generous dollop of wholegrain mustard. Yes, it’s not the most nutritionally balanced meal, but it’s all we felt like today. So simple and so, so delicious.

Sunny Sunday Chicken, Leek and Potato Fritters Recipe

Today was a beautifully sunny day. After a nice relaxed lunch of open sandwiches – made with leftover chicken and pork from yesterday’s BBQ, potato salad made using the leftover spuds and carrots, and some salad greens and homemade bread – we felt like something warm but light for dinner. In the spirit of Oktoberfest, potato pancakes with chicken and leek were the go, using some more of yesterday’s leftover BBQ chicken, pulled off the carcass. The leek was picked up at a local Sunday market. Here is the recipe!

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A Weekend at the Weber #2: Bavarian-style Roasted Chicken (Oktoberfest Chicken) and Brined Pork Forequarter Roast Recipes

As a follow up to our previous post we though we would provide the recipes for the chicken and pork dishes we made. Both of these are easy to prepare and take regular ingredients to an all new level of flavour and succulence. The Bavarian chicken recipe is so simple it’s almost not a recipe. Placing a handful of fresh parsley inside the cavity makes for a very moist bird. The brined pork has nearly all the sweet salty complexity of an old fashioned country ham. We, of course, cooked both of these in our Weber BBQ, but you could just as easily do them in the oven or on a rotisserie. Here are the recipes…

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Oktoberfest Is Here!

A beautiful spring day…

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Mutton Cooked Sauerbraten-style (Braised Chops in German-style Sweet and Sour Sauce) Recipe

Here’s a dish I whipped up with a pack of mutton chops we bought the other day. Any meat could be used – lamb, beef, pork and venison would all be suited. The original idea for this braise came from the German dish Sauerbraten which is made with beef and involves firstly marinating the meat for several days in a vinegar, wine and spice marinade before cooking. Sauerbraten is sometimes served with raisins in it and the sauce is usually thickened with ginger snap crumbs. My version is not Sauerbraten but takes the general idea of a vinegar based marinade (no wine in this one) followed by a long slow braise which leads to a very soft and tender piece of meat with a rich abundant sauce. Here’s the recipe for what I ended up cooking.

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Hamburg Steak: The Original Hamburger – Recipe

Despite being a common take-away food, hamburgers have a long and interesting history. Although we now mainly associate them with America, the hamburger, like it’s fast-food cousin the hot dog, is actually of German origin. It is said that in the late 1800s, German immigrants brought their Hamburg Steak recipes with them to America. These were made with a mixture of ground meat and onions. Over time, this simple combination of a ground meat patty and a bread bun became the major product of a billion takeaway shops the world over. Okay, maybe that’s being a bit hyperbolic… but there are LOTS!

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Wildschwein’s Apfelkuchen (Spiced Apple Cake) Recipe


Mixed bags of apples are always the best kind. They usually contain a couple of minor bruises or imperfections, but we find that these type are often riper than apples lined up neatly on the fruit stands, and they cost far less.

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Curry Ketchup Recipe


curry ketchup

According to Wikipedia:

“Currywurst is a typical German take-away dish, a hot pork sausage cut into slices and seasoned with ketchup and generous amounts of curry powder, or a ready-made ketchup-based sauce seasoned with curry and other spices. Usually served with french fries or bread rolls (called “Brötchen”), it is particularly popular in the metropolitan areas of the Ruhr Area, Berlin, and Hamburg.”

In attempting to make currywurst we formulated this fantastic ketchup recipe. We’re not really sure if this tastes like what they serve up in Germany, but hell, it tastes like gold to us!

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