Mushroom Kit Update 18.10.08 – Uber Growth

Have a guess what we’ll be having for breakfast over the next few days! 😀

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Grateful to be Alive

Deaths occur every day, and although very sad, it does make you take a moment to reflect on what you have, and how nice life is.

R.I.P. Mr. B.

Portabello Update 15.10.08

Cress, Straw and Other Things

Well the cress is doing really well, but the alfalfa is taking a while to sprout. Might have to try that one again. With today’s heat, many of my seedlings were looking really worse for wear, so I went out in the middle of the day (bad timing i know) and mulched the garden. I didn’t really want to do it just yet because everything is still so small, but I didn’t have much of a choice today.

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DIY Homemade Butter Technique

As you have probably noticed, I’ve been chanelling my inner dairy farmer over the past couple of months. It started with Easiyo. Then today my Cheeselinks yoghurt culture arrived in the mail (hope the 30C weather didn’t affect it during transit). And the other day we made butter.

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Spring Scorcher


Today is the hottest it has been this season — in the 30-somethings. There’s luckily a bit of a breeze, but it’s a warm-air type of breeze. In cat terms, this means it’s a day of sleeps, stretches, sleeps, and more sleeps.

BBQ Mutton with Lemon Pepper and Oregano Recipe

This was tonight’s dinner. Absolutely fantastic. We cooked these on our gas BBQ. Simple yet delicious!

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Spring-time Seed Raising


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DIY Lawn to Herb Garden


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Emerging Leafy Green Seedlings


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