Preserving Summer: The Benefits of Canning and Preserving Produce

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The bursting flavors of summer fruits and vegetables can be made to last all year by canning and preserving them. Canning can brighten your pantry throughout the year, extending the life of perishable produce and utilizing those fruit and vege ‘gluts’ that can sometimes occur when growing food at home.

Quince Jelly Recipe, Apricot BBQ Sauce Recipe, Mandarin Marmalade Recipe

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Sometimes, All You Need Is Chunky Soup

If you smelled the aromas of the stocky broth, the melty vegetables, the perfectly squidgy dumplings, the tasty chunks of corned beef… and warmed up a few ladles after another pretty blah day at work, I’m sure you’d agree… It’s quite potentially heaven in a soup bowl.

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A Few Op-Shop Finds

As the title suggests, we spent today op-shopping and then cleaning. You really realise after a good spring clean how much nicer a home is when it’s clean and tidy.

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A Cold April Day with a Book

It’s cold.

Ok, back to the doona!

Roast Corned Beef and Yorkshire Puddings – Recipes

The other day we had a roast for late lunch / early dinner. It was absolutely magnificent. Instead of buying a chunk of normal beef (incredibly overpriced at the moment in the shops) we bought a pack of corned beef and roasted it up. It’s a bit unusual, yes, but it tasted fantastic!

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How to Make Liquid Fertilizer with Chook Manure – Early August Gardening


It’s only August and the garden is already blooming with colour and life. Although most of the seeds in the vegetable patch have taken a while to germinate in the wintry weather, they’re getting there, with a good sprinkling of blood and bone followed by a big dose of our homemade liquid fertilizer, last weekend, about to give them a big boost.

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Winter Brunch of Mac and Cheese – Recipe

mac cheese

It was icy cold here today (or at least by Australian standards) and we both felt like something quick and warm for lunch, deciding upon a bowl of mac and cheese. The following recipe is pretty hard to stuff up and requires minimal ingredients, making it the perfect pantry snack this winter.

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Quince Jelly Recipe

quince preserves

We finally got around to processing those quinces the other day – the ones we wrote about ages ago – with most of them going in to making a large batch of quince jelly (we didn’t make quince leather this time with the byproducts – the chooks looked hungry for a fruity feed!). We also made a jar of poached quinces (made from quinces that were peeled, cored, cut into wedges, and very gently poached in a sugar syrup with lime juice, cloves and cinnamon sticks), but for now here is our recipe for quince jelly.

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Sweet Lavender Biscuits Recipe

lavender biscuits

I recently found a recipe for sweet lavender biscuits in the July 2006 edition of Country Homes & Interiors magazine. I made them tonight using English lavender leaves, rather than the buds that were recommended, and they have turned out great! I have never cooked using our English lavender before, but definately will in the future – the aroma and taste are sublime! These biscuits were nice tonight as an after-dinner treat, however I can see they would be a great feature at a morning or afternoon tea, too, because they taste great served with a cuppa. Enjoy!

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Tender Thai Grilled Chicken Recipe

thai grilled chicken

This recipe for tender thai grilled chicken makes for a quick and extremely tasty dish that won’t break the bank. Serve with a side of rice (sticky rice would be most authentic, but not absolutely necessary) and green salad. We loved it and went back for seconds – though this recipe normally serves 4 ordinary people 😛 We used 2 small chickens for this recipe, but you could alternatively use (a) a large 2kg chicken carved into pieces, or (b) 2kg of chicken pieces. Enjoy!

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