Damn Dogs!

Hopefully little hen will be reincarnated as a pumpkin.

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Chook Update: Gradual Battery Hen Recovery via Free-range Life

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Chook Expedition

The girls finally ventured into the backyard this afternoon, with some encouragement.  I just called them and they followed me.

I’m so glad we got them. The eggs have been great too.

Ex-Battery Chook Hospital

I shall dub this one ‘Lavender’.

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First and Second Googs

3 yesterday, 1 so far today. I’ll check again later.

Update: 2 so far today.

Mid October Gardening Photos

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How to Make Liquid Fertilizer with Chook Manure – Early August Gardening


It’s only August and the garden is already blooming with colour and life. Although most of the seeds in the vegetable patch have taken a while to germinate in the wintry weather, they’re getting there, with a good sprinkling of blood and bone followed by a big dose of our homemade liquid fertilizer, last weekend, about to give them a big boost.

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