$4 Can Still Go A Long Way

Our local op shop rocks – amazing what you can get for practically nothing. They probably don’t even know how valuable EG magazines are, information wise. When the lady went to add everything up, she counted the magazines as 30c each!!


Mutton and Vegetable Stew Recipe

It has rained pretty much constantly since yesterday. If the dams aren’t full by now, then they need to rework the dam design, because it has been absolutely pissing down here in the hills and freezing cold!! It’s definitely stew weather, so today I made a chunky stewy dish for an early tea. One of those ‘put in the oven around 1pm and don’t take out until around 3-4pm’/slow cooked jobs. The meat went sooo melty, and the spuds and carrots were yummily tender. I think I’ll start making this kind of thing more often. You get a lot of flavour for minimal ingredients and practically no work.

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Panfried Pork Chops, Apricots, Olives and Sage with Fig Cheddar Pasta Recipes

The other day we picked up two gigantic pork chops for $4. Tonight we needed something quick to have for dinner, so we threw this meal together. The sage was picked fresh from the garden, the apricots were leftover from a tin we opened last night for dessert, and the olives were originally bought to have with cheese and crackers.

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Wildschwein’s Apfelkuchen (Spiced Apple Cake) Recipe


Mixed bags of apples are always the best kind. They usually contain a couple of minor bruises or imperfections, but we find that these type are often riper than apples lined up neatly on the fruit stands, and they cost far less.

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Braised Beef Liver with Bacon, Sage and Onion Recipe

We are well aware that offal is not for everyone, but it’s cheap and if you know what you’re doing you can turn out some incredible dishes using things like liver. I didn’t grow up eating liver but developed a taste for it later in life when money was tight. On an episode of Iron Chef, Chairman Kaga said that the secret with liver is to “give it heavy makeup”. This is quite true, as it has a strong flavour which can, indeed, be a little off-putting if you are not used to it. Knowing how to prepare liver and matching it with strong flavours like rich brown sauces, bacon, onions, garlic, and herbs like thyme, sage and rosemary really help to make liver more appealing. Although, poultry livers are traditionally matched with more subtle flavourings, like dried fruits and lighter style sauces.

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Make Your Own Sourdough Culture and Bread

We promised someone a while back that we would do a post on how to make your own sourdough bread. The culture itself becomes a drop-in replacement for commercial yeast, and is very easy to make. Here are recipes for both the culture and the bread…

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Kitchen Snaps

Just a few snaps of our cosy kitchen,
much of it acquired for under $5 at our local op shops!


Chinese Food to Stay Home For – Recipe – Take-out Stir-fry Deconstructed and Demystified

chinese stirfry

Have you ever tried to cook Chinese food at home and felt disappointed with the results? Did you ever say to yourself ‘Why can’t I make it like they do at the Chinese Takeout?’ Well, keep reading. Here we will reveal a little on how to prepare stir-fry ingredients in a way that will, when cooked, taste just like the real thing (Sorry for sounding like an infomercial, but it just tastes so good!).

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Ye Olde Fashioned Ginger Beer Recipe and the Theory of Homemade Soda

ginger beer

I’ve been pondering writing a post on lacto-fermented soft drinks for quite a while, but I’ve been in beer mode and haven’t done any homemade soft drinks for a year or so. I recently got inspired!

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