Front Yard Vege Experiment

I recently planted about 20 pumpkins in the front yard in an attempt to grow a pumpkin jungle to cover the weeds. The bugs have chomped most of them though, leaving blank holes in the mulch like that above. There are probably about 6 left! Oh well, someone got fed!

We are not having much luck with food gardening this year, with such a huge lack of rainfall this spring. We are growing what we can, but the time and expense of water to keep everything alive is a big deterrent.


Due to work and other time commitments, we decided to take a break from blogging, but keep what we had achieved in previous years online, to inspire others living a frugal low-income life.

Check out our archive to find more great photos, tips, ideas and recipes!


2 thoughts on “Front Yard Vege Experiment

  1. Love your site!

    Sorry to hear about the disappearing plants. If you stick a few cups (catfood/tuna cans) with beer around your plants, the slugs will not eat your plants!

    Also, elevating the starts, even a few inches, on a mound will help greatly to reduce excessive moisture issues.

    Good luck and check out my site,

    Portland OR

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