Cress, Straw and Other Things

Well the cress is doing really well, but the alfalfa is taking a while to sprout. Might have to try that one again. With today’s heat, many of my seedlings were looking really worse for wear, so I went out in the middle of the day (bad timing i know) and mulched the garden. I didn’t really want to do it just yet because everything is still so small, but I didn’t have much of a choice today.

Anyway, things look a bit more colourful with the mulch so it’s not all bad. I did the majority of the patch with only 1 bale of straw. I ordered 4 more bales and 4 bags of manure today, so I can mulch the beans and peas too, and this afternoon I’ll be spreading the manure to prepare the zucchini bed (currently tossing up whether to plant them out yet or not; it’s a full moon, but still think I might), and will mulch the space for the tomatoes so it’s nice and moist and wormy for when they are ready to be transplanted.

I am really struggling with getting a productive garden this year, without the rain. It seems like the money we’ve spent on the garden is just drying up before our eyes. A little disheartening, but I guess it’s just the natural ebb and flow of nature. Sometimes rain, sometimes dry.


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