Spring-time Seed Raising




Lazy Housewife beans

Lazy housewife beans around plum tree. The half-bag of sheep/cow manure around the tree should help things along!

Peas are planted in a row on this fence line – the bamboo stakes are for a trellis once they germinate. The inner soil area of this bed will be where I plant the tomatoes and zucchinis.


A tiny part of the 4 rows of purple carrots I’ve planted 🙂 I’m planning on later growing some normal orange ones inbetween the rows.

One of the lone peas that have sprouted; that I put in nearly 2 months ago. Barely any germinated – not entirely sure why. May be because this lot were planted in the same place as last years’ lot. Hopefully the new plantings along the fenceline will do better.

One of the many things in a garden that are so small and easy to walk past, but so beautiful if you stop and look closely. It’s a symbol for the garden on whole right now – things have taken a while to get going, but after photographing all my seedlings up close, you see how amazing it is that they’ve sprouted at all into what they are. Great shapes & colours.


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