DIY Lawn to Herb Garden


In our backyard, we have a lot of this. Grass and weeds. We mow it and it looks kind of like a lawn, but it isn’t. It’s mostly self-sown.

A few weeks ago my Dad gave me the best present in the world: tools! A shovel, a spade, and a fork. All beautiful and old, and wonderful quality. They had a bit of dried cement on them, but I managed to chip most of it away with some hand tools, and gave them a good clean. One had a wonky plastic handle, but with a few new screws it now works really well. The spade is ultra sharp and so easy to use.

I’ve been really inspired to garden ever since, because they make jobs so much faster (I previously only had one shovel – very old, very blunt, and with no handle!) In some of the patchy areas I’ve started to dig around and make some new garden beds. Here’s the herb patch I made. A bit wonky looking, but does the job. It’s outside the kitchen door, so ultra convenient.

It would look better without the fence, but alas, ’tis the life of a chook owner.

I transplanted our big old sage bush from the main vege garden to the new herb patch. It went crazy with all the attention – seeweed, mulch, and sheep/cow poo. Its leaves have gone really bushy and lush and it has flowered. We used some of the flowers in some potato pancakes the other day – was yummmy.


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