BBQ Mutton with Lemon Pepper and Oregano Recipe

This was tonight’s dinner. Absolutely fantastic. We cooked these on our gas BBQ. Simple yet delicious!

We heated the BBQ. Drizzled some olive oil. Sprinkled some mutton chops with lemon pepper/salt mix. Placed seasoned-side down. Seasoned tops with more lemon pepper mix, and put a few torn up oregano leaves on top. When drops of blood started to show on the top of the chops, we turned them over, and cooked for another 5 minutes. This made them medium-rare (to our liking). Obviously cook them less or longer according to your own preferences. We served them with iceberg lettuce, olives, chopped tomatoes, a chopped carrot each, and juicy lemon quarters. The lemon made the chops taste even better – I’m so happy we have another year here; the lemons alone are worth staying for!


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