Mushroom Kit Gone Wild

On Friday, it was time for me to follow the final steps provided on the mushroom kit box, and trim the cardboard lid and excess plastic bag away from the top of the kit. From now on I need to keep the kit moist by occasionally spraying it with a fine mist of water.

On Friday, there were only a few little patches of white mold on the top of the soil. Now nearly the entire surface of the kit is covered with a layer of mold. Quite exciting! Can’t wait until little mushrooms start to appear. I should see some in about 3-4 days if all goes well. About 6-8 days after that they should reach a luscious field-mushroom size.

As I think I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been keeping the kit in the cavity of our wood fired oven. The space is just right, and the conditions appear to be ideal. The temperature is very even, and it’s nice and dark. I’ve read that portabellos like the dark, so it’s perfect in that respect. It’s Fritz-proof too, so that’s a huge bonus – I know he’d absolutely love to destroy it and dig around in the soil!

It does look quite wild though, with all the mold on top. I hope it is actually working, and I’m not just cultivating some crazy looking molds in my kitchen!


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