Fungi Affection – An Experiment Growing Portobellos at Home

We picked up a Portobello Mushroom Kit for $11 at a Hardware-Store-Thou-Shalt-Not-Name the other day. Evidently their prices really can’t be beaten, because it’s the cheapest we’ve seen.

We followed the instructions. You flatten down the moldy compost. Then you top with the soggy peat stuff. And then you let it sit for 10 days until it gets mold on the top. After this time you cut the lid off, give it an occasional mist with a water bottle, and let it sit and wait for the mushrooms to emerge.

We haven’t got to 10 days yet – tomorrow will be 7 days. Apparently Portobellos like the dark, so we’ve stuck it in the oven part of the wood fired oven in our kitchen.

I hope it works Ok. I’ve heard mixed reviews about mushie kits, their success, and their yields. I figure that even if it doesn’t work, I can use the leftover compost for my garden. So not all is lost.


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