Ex-Battery Chook Hospital

I shall dub this one ‘Lavender’.

This one is the littlest of the lot, and the worst condition. She has no chest or tail feathers 😦 Poor little thing. 2 days here and she looks a lot better than she did, let me tell you. The first day she barely moved.

I think this is Lavender again. In their hutch they have water, layer pellets, and a mashy cereal mix (crumbled wheatbix, cornflakes, museli) with some grated apple, milk and tuna mixed in. Mmm.. mystery mash…

Yesterday their mash was oats, cornflakes, crumbled wheatbix, milk and grated carrot. They went crazy for it!

I won’t do this forever, but for now they really need a health boost.

There are no fences up, and yet they haven’t left the vacinity of their hutches since they arrived. Weird! I’m going to chase them out soon; there’s grass to mow! 😛

Follow the leader 😀

One for the compost, one for the chooks! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Ex-Battery Chook Hospital

  1. Chris says:

    Hey, long time no see! ‘Kevnlis’ linked to your blog on homebrewandbeer.com, thought I’d post a quick one here to ask you to drop in on HBAB sometime, and post some more recipe ideas 😀

    Poor Lavender 😦
    How did you end up with them?

    Chris, AKA ‘KEG’ – homebrewandbeer.com

  2. wildschwein says:

    G’day Keg,

    Yeah sorry, haven’t been making much beer as of late. Still sitting on a supply of about 200 bottles!

    Just been doing other things – working etc.

    I have dropped in once or twice tho at HBAB just to have a look.

    Have been cooking with beer tho, so perhaps I’ll post some of those recipes 🙂

    I work as a chef at a cafe and make beef carbonade every week with my homebrew. The masses go wild and it sells out 😀

    Thanks for the comment mate; good to hear from you


  3. gizo says:

    Hey hey – our Penny was looking similarly manky only 4 weeks ago. Just the winter malt – hopefully your girls will spruce up soon with the nicer weather. At least yr getting googy-eggs, that’s always a good sign….

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