DIY Powercut Survival Guide

You will need

  • 1 torch with batteries
  • 1 box matches
  • 9 or more candles – 1 for kitchen, 1 for toilet, 3 for lounge, 3 for your porch, 1 to hold
  • 1 bottle methylated spirits
  • 1 used tuna can, washed
  • 1 bottle opener
  • 1 oven rack (the type you cool cakes and biscuits on)
  • 1 saucepan with pouring spout, filled with water
  • 2 yellow pages
  • 2 mugs
  • Milk
  • Coffee/Tea/Cocoa
  • Sugar
  • 1 box crackers
  • 1 small block cheese
  • 1/6 straussberg sausage
  • 1/4 jar corn relish
  • 2 or more guitars
  • 1 cat


  1. Use torch to find candles & matches.
  2. Light candles; place lit candles in area you will sit in; strategically place unlit candles around home.
  3. Use your bottle opener to make some holes around the top of the tuna can. These will help the fire get oxygen and keep the metho burning.
  4. Go out onto your veranda and light some candles. Take stuff listed above out to your porch.
  5. Fill tuna can with metho – around 3/4 full.
  6. Put two yellow pages on the ground in a not-very-windy place, with a space in between. Put your tuna can in the gap (make sure the can isn’t too close to the yellow pages).
  7. Use the yellow pages as a platform for your cake rack – so the rack is elevated above the can.
  8. Light the metho.
  9. Place your saucepan over the top. Boil water.
  10. When water is boiled, make cuppas.
  11. While water is boiling, cut cheese and sausage and put on a plate. Add crackers and a small bowl of corn relish.
  12. Eat food, and when water is boiled, drink cuppas.
  13. Play guitar for extra warmth and entertainment.
  14. Come inside and cuddle cat occasionally so they don’t feel lonely and left out.
  15. Try to feel happier about the fact the power went out – on a completely still, perfect night – literally 2 seconds before a gripping running event on TV was about to conclude.

Serves 2; multiply quantities shown for bigger households.

For your safety, keep your eye on it to avoid an unwanted fire!


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