Love Cats

I can see why humans and cats have stuck together over time. In winter they act quite conveniently like a hot water bottle that you don’t need to fill up. They snuggle up to you and help keep you really warm.

The only problem is that often Fritz doesn’t want to sit near me, he wants to sit on me. He used to just sit on my legs. Recently, however, he’s taken to jumping up on my body, rather than the couch, and making himself comfortable. First it was my legs, now he jumps right onto my stomach. A bit uncomfortable with his little prodding feet.

He is growing up to be a very cute cat though, and much more inclined to come and seek cuddles than he did before. He seems to do as he’s told more as well, and actually seems to listen to the ‘Stay’ command now when we open doors.

Now, if only I could train him to give back rubs and clean the house…


2 thoughts on “Love Cats

  1. i’m not cat-person enough to have one live with me, but have just invested in hot water bottles. mine don’t do chores either, but i don’t have to feed em, so i guess that’s ok. at least w hcb’s you can change the covers, and make em look swish and designeriffic which would be hugely unfair to expect of a feline companion…?

  2. Haha. Well there are some people in the world who buy clothes for their pets, but I’m not one of them I have to say. Not just because it seems a bit kooky, but our cat would just attack it and possibly also try to eat it.

    Btw, I wasn’t a cat person either. And I was raised as a strictly no-pets-indoors person. But he has grown on me. And the plus of having him indoors is I can be pretty sure of his cleanliness, health, etc. We bath him frequently and keep all his medicines up to date, and he eats well. So he’s kind of like a self-heating teddy bear. Very snuggly and fluffy. Only difference perhaps is that he snores.

    I’ve seen a few examples on tv and in magazines where they use old jumpers to make hot water bottle covers. They looked pretty good. I wouldn’t go cutting up anything expensive, but it would be a good idea for a jumper that has shrunk or has got out of shape, etc.

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