Baked Bean Brunch for the Vegetarian Soul – Recipe

It will probably come as a surprise to people out there who have noticed the heavy meat content on this blog, but once upon a time we were actually vegetarian. I was vegetarian for about 6+ years, while Canaan became vegetarian when he met me – for a couple of years or so. We even tried out being vegan for a year. When I was vego I used to eat stuff like this all the time. It’s simple but very yummy and healthy. Here’s what you’ll need to make it, and how. Serves one ravenous person, or two hungry people.


Bread, sliced
Cottage cheese
Lettuce leaves
1 regular can of baked beans
2 field mushrooms, sliced into medium-sized pieces
6 grape tomatoes, sliced in half (you could use cherry tomatoes instead, or even a normal sized tomato diced)
a little olive oil for frying


  1. Put some olive oil in a pan, and fry the sliced mushrooms until nicely cooked. You want them heated through to the point they aren’t raw anymore, but not overcooked so they shrink and get really small & dark. You want some juicyness to burst out when you bite into them.
  2. Add the tin of beans to the pan and stir.
  3. When the beans have heated through, turn down the heat to low, and add the sliced tomatoes & stir through. Stir occasionally and allow tomatoes to heat through & soften a little.
  4. Meanwhile, toast some slices of bread. When done, put them on a plate and spread with cottage cheese.
  5. Rinse some lettuce leaves, drain, and place on top of the bread.
  6. Give the bean mixture a stir, then spoon onto the lettuce.
  7. Serve immediately.



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