Sometimes, All You Need Is Chunky Soup

If you smelled the aromas of the stocky broth, the melty vegetables, the perfectly squidgy dumplings, the tasty chunks of corned beef… and warmed up a few ladles after another pretty blah day at work, I’m sure you’d agree… It’s quite potentially heaven in a soup bowl.

Ahh… the joys of Autumn. Cool weather, new green growth, I get 2 days break from tomorrow, and my birthday is on Tuesday. Life is good.

Here’s the soundtrack.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes, All You Need Is Chunky Soup

  1. Yes, it was fantastic chefjp! I thought you might like this one – being a fellow cornbeef fan!! We first made this kind of dish when the power went out one day for hours on end and we didn’t have any other way to cook but to knock up a little camping stove on the veranda. It consisted of a saucepan, rested on a metal cooling rack, which was positioned over a homemade burner (which involved pouring some methylated spirits into a recycled tuna tin and lighting it). The little fire was surprisingly hot. We boiled some water in the saucepan and then added some beef stock cubes. We then added some veges, then some steaks, and when all that was cooked, we added some dumplings. After a bit of seasoning, the dish was ready. We lifted the veges, meat and dumplings out of the water and put them on our plates, and ladelled the remaining broth into our mugs. Its funny how the simplest and most improvised dishes often turn out to be the yummiest and most memorable!!

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