DIY Cheeseburgers: Fast Food Flavour at Home

Have you ever tried to make a cheeseburger at home but it didn’t taste right? Well here is a way of getting some of that distinctive burger-chain flavour in your next attempt. It not only produces mouthwatering burgers, but costs you a lot less & feeds a lot more than a trip to Maccas or HJs! Quantities shown serve 3 to 6 people.


6 burger buns – the white, sweet, fluffy type with sesame seeds on top
6 burger patties – we got ours from the meat section of the supermarket (Woolworths), which were around 120g each, and weren’t the premium variety
1 jar Aristocrat brand bread and butter cucumbers (these have a really good pickle flavour and crunch, and aren’t too sweet – they’re a slightly sour variety)
American mustard – we used the Masterfoods one in a squishy bottle
Ketchup – we used Heinz Big Red in a squishy bottle
1 small onion, finely diced
1 small pack Kraft tasty-style singles (packaged cheese slices)


  1. Mix the diced onion and ketchup together in a bowl – make a generous amount to cover 6 burgers.
  2. Cook the burger patties in a little bit of oil until well browned. Place a slice of cheese on each burger pattie while still warm.
  3. Toast the buns.
  4. Place a pattie on each bun.
  5. Top with 4-5 slices of pickles, a small swirl of mustard, and a generous couple of tablespoons of the ketchup&onion mix.
  6. Top with burger lid.
  7. Wash down with a sweet fizzy drink – preferably a root beer or cola!


A nice touch – wrap burgers in baking paper for that authentic fast-food feel.
This is also a good tip if you plan to serve them at a BBQ or party.


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