A Few Op-Shop Finds

As the title suggests, we spent today op-shopping and then cleaning. You really realise after a good spring clean how much nicer a home is when it’s clean and tidy.

I’ve recently noticed at work that glasses and metal surfaces go ultra shiny if you use a teatowel that’s not very soft – i.e. a bit stiff. It’s almost like the less count of cotton in the teatowel, the better.

And, much later, after all the cleaning was done, we poured ourselves a coffee each and ate chocolate.  I kind of doubt it’s made in Belgium like they say, but who knows.. it tastes pretty damn good, especially at this price (AU 99c for 150g!).

The op-shop provided a few bargains itself. $2 for a set of giant cutlery; 50c for a burnt-orange coloured doughnut-shaped jelly & cake mould (you know, the type of thing that makes things shaped like this); a couple of checkered tablecloths for 50c each; and a few really bad 80s compilation records which, after a brief listen this afternoon, might be taken back & re-donated!


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