The New Axe

Another kind of food!

This is a Custom Guitar Workshop K7 Jet II, neckthrough design, composed of Carolina and Bubinga woods, with GFS Hotblade Humbuckers, and Wilkinson Tremolo.

Stunning craftsmanship, and only cost $408 with postage – so amazed.

Quite a different feel to their other guitars – hard to explain, but has a feel and sound of its own.

May post on my other axes soon – the photos came up a treat!


5 thoughts on “The New Axe

  1. Hi mate,

    It has a lot of the tonal characteristics of a Les Paul standard, strangely enough. It would probably have more sustain if it didn’t have a floating tremolo.

    But yeah, it’s generally has more of a lower-mid-range-y type of tone, and the pickups are reasonably hot, so it’s good for rock sounds.

    I agree it’s gorgeous, the quality is really quite astounding for the price. I’ve bought cheap Chinese guitars before just for the sake of testing them out and they were essentially what you paid for them.. ie. not much.

    These Custom Guitar Workship guitars are made in Korea and they are actually proper instruments. I’ve read some comments online where people are quite sceptical about whether they’d be any good because they’re so cheap, but they are massively underpriced in my opinion. Especially if you pick them up via Ebay Australia.

    I’m a bit in love with them actually. I’ve bought 8 so far. 😀

  2. Yes, you’re right gizo – I never even thought of that, being a right hander in a right hand dominated world. Maybe you should contact them and ask if they may consider doing some lefties in the future. If they know the demand is there they may be encouraged to build some.

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