Food Blog of the Week #16



Welcome to the 16th installment of food blog of the week!

This week I want to introduce you to the fabulous blog What’s for lunch? Maybe its the romantic French setting.. or perhaps the wonderfully crisp and evocative photography… or maybe it’s simply the fabulous mouth-watering food? Whatever the reason(s), I find this blog utterly captivating.

Everything shown inspires me to save up for a trip to France, if only to dine at one of the bakeries! The care put into such simple, everyday food is astounding compared to the standards you find here in Perth. The quality of the ingredients is also amazing – check out and drool at this picture, for instance! And if that’s not enough, look at this!

If you’re looking for a good dose of food porn definitely check out What’s for lunch? It will have you booking that trip to Europe in no time!



2 thoughts on “Food Blog of the Week #16

  1. This is indeed an honor and I thank you.

    Wow, anyway you inspired me to go on a little pilgrimage. Hope you like it, and yes, you should come to Paris. But perhaps, and I’ve not yet been there (will go in 2009) you should go to Lyon because from what I’ve heard that is the hard core foody heart of France.

    Happy New Year and biz from Paris,


  2. Hi Emily,

    Thank you and you are welcome! It is an honor for *us* that you have responded to our humble post with a two-part caking-eating food-blogging extravaganza, with even more wonderful pictures to drool over! Your blog is one of the original few that inspired me to start food blogging, so thanks!

    Yes, we have heard that Lyon is supposed to be a good place to travel for food – typically we know that Lyonnaise savoury dishes often incorporate onions sautéed in butter. That’s about all we know about the food of Lyon, though – perhaps a handy excuse to travel there and have a feed! 😛

    Happy New Year from Perth, Australia!


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