Festive Family Feast Photos

Mmm… Christmas-y booze… (Left to right: Sherry, Marsala, Brandy).

This year we had Christmas at our place. A duck, some turkey, a ham, some roast veg and a few salads did the trick, followed by my Nanna’s famous Christmas pudding, a gigantic trifle and a Christmas ice-cream bomb (both first-attempts for me which thankfully turned out great!!), and enough cupcakes to feed an army (the latter carefully prepared by my little sister 🙂 ). Aside from being the first time we’ve hosted Christmas, it ended up pretty much like every other Christmas we’ve had – full of food, family and post-feast fullness! It was another sweltering hot Western Australian Xmas day. The turkey, ham, roast spuds, prawns and egg salad were savoury highlights!

Left to right, clockwise: pickled beetroot, cooked prawns, cocktail sauce, green salad, tomato salad, pickled onions, corn kernels, butter, curry egg salad, cranberry sauce, maple syrup glazed ham.

Left to right:
pulled lemon and sage turkey in gravy, roast duck.

Left to right:
apricot sauce (to serve with the duck), roast carrots and squash (oops! a touch burnt!! but still delish), gravy, roast potatoes, peas, crusty white bread and butter.
Yummy cupcakes: chocolate, blueberry, carrot

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