Boxing Day Bubble and Squeak


Today we decided to make a hash for brunch, in an attempt to dispose of the final remnants of Christmas lunch. Some people would call it a hash, others would call it ‘bubble and squeak’.

Overall it’s just a mishmash of all the leftovers from a roast dinner, with a couple of additions to bulk and bind it. Ours included leftover duck, turkey, ham, steak, potatoes, carrots, peas, and squash.

To this we added some coarsely mashed potatoes and a little salt and pepper to season, and a well beaten egg. It was then fried up in a pan (using a small amount of the leftover duck fat) until a nice crust developed.

Delicious served with leftover gravy!


2 thoughts on “Boxing Day Bubble and Squeak

  1. This looks wonderful!

    I love using up leftovers this way– even if it’s a bit of steak taken home from a restaurant, it will appear again for breakfast with whatever veggies and potatoes I have in the fridge. Top with a fried egg and you’re in heaven!

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