Food Blog of the Week #15

Welcome to the 15th installment of food blog of the week.

We stumbled upon Dish A Day today while perusing recent entries on Food Porn Watch. Set in Thailand, the blog is “about but not limited to: Thai snacks, meals, and cantankerous commentary.”

I’ve only ever been to Malaysia and Singapore before, but those trips were enough for me to fall in love with both countries and, more specifically, south-east Asian food. Although we did admittedly stay in very comfortable hotels on our trips, my family was more than content spending each day exploring as far as our legs would take us, and tasting the delicious food on offer at the small street-side stalls and foodhalls. Indeed, one of the best things I have ever eaten was a seafood claypot at an underground train station food hall in Singapore. I can still taste it now – delicious prawns, scallops, fried tofu, fish balls, greens, and bean shoots, amongst other things, all floating in the best broth on Earth. We had it once and then went back about 5 times during our trip to re-live the deliciousness. Along with Malaysian satay skewers and Hainanese chicken rice, it has become a benchmark in my idea of transcendental food. It nearly outdoes my most favourite gastronomic memory – sitting on a balcony in Malaysia with the family of a friend we made in our travels, eating the most extraordinary Laksa.. It consisted of a gigantic wok filled with the spicy Laksa broth, surrounded by a vast array of potential additional ingredients – hard boiled eggs, chicken, beef, pork, a variety of seafood, fish balls, fried tofu, soft tofu, bean shoots, vegetables, greens, nuts.. the best kind of buffet you could possibly imagine.

We have never understood those who travel to another region only to eat the types of food they are ‘used to’ and that’s readily available at home! It’s like going to the local Chinese restaurant and ordering fish and chips or a steak (something I still can’t comprehend people ordering off such a deliciously diverse menu)!!

Dish A Day is a great introduction to the types of food you could expect to encounter on a trip to Thailand, and moreover, on a trip to most parts of south-east Asia – particularly if you are the kind of person who values taste over price. The food and photography featured is at most times delicious, though other times quite curious (examples of the latter being jumping shrimp and deepfried silkworms).

This is definitely a must-look food blog for those who love south-east Asian cuisine, and those wanting to get an (albeit largely visual) taste of what you might be able to tuck your tastebuds into if you get the chance to travel there.

Check it out and favourite it!



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