Food Blog of the Week #14

Well, I’m going to cheat a little this week because instead of presenting a food blog, I’ll be writing about a more general food website.

ABC TV’s The Cook and the Chef is one of our favourite programs. On top of being partly hosted by the wonderful Maggie Beer, the show is set in her dreamy, cosy kitchen in the Barossa Valley, South Australia. This has to be one of the most beautiful places in the world and definitely on our future travel ‘to do’ list.

As the name suggests, the show not only covers more formal cuisine (via Executive Chef Simon Bryant) but also the best of modern, wholesome home cookery (via Maggie Beer). Although this coupling makes for quite an odd team at times, overall what results is a show that’s not only quite interesting but also engaging and inspirational.

Like most websites run by the ABC nowadays, the Cook and the Chef site is both comprehensive and very user friendly. It not only provides free text-based recipes that have featured on the show, but also hosts a range of free video downloads. The most recent show is available for users to watch, as well as a range of shorter film snippets revealing tips and trade secrets.

Although we personally find the website handy for those times when we miss an episode when aired on TV, we can see it would also be useful for those outside of Australia who can view and get an (albeit largely visual) taste of some of Australia’s best produce and cuisine.
Definitely another one to check out and favourite!



2 thoughts on “Food Blog of the Week #14

  1. OOh I do love this program.

    Just the other day I downloaded an mp3 thingy of The Conversation Hour from the ABC, which featured Maggie Beer and Shannon Bennett chatting about food. The panel was co-hosted by Alan Brough, who is a delight to listen to at all times.
    Worth a listen if you’ve got to sit in a car for 40 minutes, or similar.

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