Speck, Spinach and Swiss Chard Quiche topped with Tomatoes – Recipe

We have had a huge surplus of eggs in the fridge lately, so I decided to turn them in to a quiche this afternoon using some of the speck we bought the other day from Dubrovniks, along with some freshly picked spinach, Swiss chard and spring onions.

I more or less followed the recipe for quiche that we posted up last time we made it, apart from the following variations:

  • I used 8 eggs;
  • I only added a few tablespoons of parmesan for the cheese component (i.e. I didn’t add any cheddar);
  • I used a combination of speck and general bacon for the bacon component;
  • I evidently used fresh spinach & Swiss chard in place of the frozen stuff – prepared by chopping it small but roughly and wilting it in a pan until most of the water had evaporated.
  • I also used hot water pastry instead of puff pastry (made by halving our hot water pastry recipe – which can be found here). This meant that I baked it at around 150C until set and slightly browned – which probably took between 30 to 40 minutes. Our oven runs hotter than most though, so you might find that 160C is more sufficient. I checked often to be sure it didn’t burn on the bottom.
  • When the quiche had more or less set and was on its way to being ready, I lined some slices of tomato across the top and put the tin back in the oven on the highest shelf. When the tomato had warmed and wilted somewhat, I removed the quiche from the oven and transferred it to a serving dish shortly after.

I was going to serve this with a light salad, but I thought the greens inside the quiche and the tomato on top gave it a fresh enough flavour to have it on its own. It would be nice with salad, though, and particularly good if served at a picnic or BBQ.

Instead of cutting it in to squares like last time, I thought I’d have a go at slicing it. This made the pastry crumble a bit more and was a bit trickier to eat, so I think I’ll stick to squares in the future!! Nevertheless, this was totally delish yet again. 🙂


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