Vienna’s and Weisswurst’s with Mustard, Bread, and Braised Lettuce

Following on from our previous post, tonight’s dinner was another simple concoction. We bought these sausages today from Dubrovniks in Bayswater – definitely the best butcher in Western Australia. Everything you buy there has the most transcendental flavour, and the sausages aren’t full of crap – they’re the real type that give you that ‘pock’ sound when you bite in to them. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you haven’t had a good enough sausage before! 🙂 After poaching our snags, we served them with a buttered bread roll, some simply braised lettuce (we didn’t have any sauerkraut around, but this worked really well!), and a generous dollop of wholegrain mustard. Yes, it’s not the most nutritionally balanced meal, but it’s all we felt like today. So simple and so, so delicious.


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