Daylight Savings Dinners

Who would have thought it was 7.30-8pm when this was taken?

It seems like everyone in Perth is talking (or perhaps more frankly, complaining) about the 3 year daylight saving trial on at the moment. For those who don’t know, it wasn’t our choice to have the trial. It has been enforced by government. The whole day light saving idea has, for a long time, been extremely unpopular in our state – rejected when put to referendum – and yet here it is.

I think, like most things, it has pros and cons. Overall I’m feeling it has more cons right now. I don’t really understand why we can’t just enjoy summers’ own natural ability to increase the hours of sunlight we enjoy. I personally don’t like it being light still at 9+pm. It’s weird. And I know the longer summer goes on, the later and later I’m going to be getting to bed because it won’t only be hot and hard to sleep, but light as well.

Anyway. That’s my opinion. Here’s a picture of a recent sun-filled breakfast:


Sourdough toast with butter & marmite. Mmmm…

Dilmah with milk & honey – so good to wake up to!


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