Gutsy Gibbon Good So Far!

I updated to Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) lastnight. I haven’t had a chance to play around with it that much yet, but so far it seems fine. It doesn’t seem that different to how it was prior to the update, actually, other than being slightly more responsive which is interesting.

A few things I have noticed so far are that:

  • Everything I normally do works. My WiFi wasn’t bothered. The only thing that seems a bit irky thus far is Flock, which I’m sure just needs to be updated, too / a bit of tweaking.
  • I now have Pidgin!! Woohoo!! 🙂 Farewell Gaim!
  • My GIMP has been updated! It looks really awesome and I can’t wait to get tucked in to its new features.
  • The desktop theme and background managers are rolled in to one, with different graphics options available that I assume will, if activated, up the eye candy?
  • There are some new looking icons in the menus, making things look a bit prettier.
  • The connection manager looks different and more user friendly.
  • OpenOffice looks different, but haven’t had a chance to delve in to it yet. Something I immediately noticed though was the spell check still doesn’t seem to work out of the box. I’m not really sure why this happens… anyone know how to fix that?

Overall, pretty damn good! Who says you can’t get something for nothing?!

For those interested, my trusty old laptop specs are:

Toshiba Portege 4010
30GB HD (15GB Ubuntu partition/15GB WinXP partition)
256MB Ram
933Mhz Processor
16MB Trident Cyberblade XP Graphics Card

Wouldn’t get Vista on this ‘old’ thing, yet the latest Ubuntu distribution works a treat! EXPLAIN THAT BILL GATES!! Looks very nice too:


(Click to enlarge)


14 thoughts on “Gutsy Gibbon Good So Far!

  1. Hi,

    I’ve got a Portege 4000 dedicated to Ubuntu but Gutsy hangs on shutdown. It says it’s going to halt, the LCD switches off but the fan kicks in an stays on 😦 I have to hold down the power button to turn it off. Windows 2000 used to be on this laptop and it shutdown fine!

    Have you had a similar problem ?

    For those interested, my laptop specs follow:

    Toshiba Portege 4000
    80GB HD (All Ubuntu)
    640MB Ram
    750Mhz Processor
    16MB Trident Cyberblade XP Graphics Card


  2. Hi mate,

    I have the 4010 and it runs ok on mine at shutdown. I recently bought a CD of Ubuntu 7.10 and did a fresh install, taking up the entire drive, and I have to say it runs much sweeter than before – seems more responsive and happier. My previous 7.10 system was an upgrade from an original 6.06 system (6.06 > 6.10 > 7.04 > 7.10) and was on a partitioned drive – i.e. sharing the space with WinXP. This isn’t really answering your question, I know, but it is to say that I recommend fresh installs!!

    Something you could do is research the difference in hardware between a Portege 4000 and a 4010. If there is something different this might help you isolate the problem. I see you have a slower processer, more ram and more HD space than me.. but it could be another hardware issue perhaps. I think the manuals for both systems are available electronically through the Toshiba website and elsewhere, so perhaps download both and compare their specs.

    I’m not completely sure it’s the problem, but I must say that the Trident Cyberblade XP Graphics Cards don’t have the best drivers in Linux and I have found on a number of occasions that it has caused me some problems, most notably you can’t get it to do 3D rendering. I’ve had problems with other computers before that don’t shut down and it has had something to do with the graphics card, so perhaps this is another avenue you could look at.

    Hopefully someone who reads this might have a fix for you, however alternatively I recommend posting something up on the Ubuntu forums, and perhaps also going in to the Ubuntu IRC chat channels for help. The latter I have found extremely helpful with many experts managing in most cases to help me solve my problems.

  3. Hi Guys,

    Just installed gutsy gibbon on my mates Toshiba satellite laptop.

    It also has a Trident Cyberblade XP Graphics card.

    I am having trouble getting drivers to work for 3D rendering, does anyone have any advice as I really wanted to show him the ‘cube’ and ‘sticky windows’.

    At present if I go to System >> Prefs >> Appearance >> Visual Effects I cannot select anything other than “none” for the effects.

    Any help much appreciated guys,



  4. Hi Rob,

    At the moment that graphics card can only be made to do 2D rendering under Linux. As you’ve said, it’s a driver issue – no driver appears to have been developed yet in Linux, nor is there much information about it available on the internet.

    As such things like Beryl and the inbuilt 3D graphics candy of Gutsy won’t work.

    Sorry for the bad news!

    I know that when I looked a little while ago there was a website that had experimental drivers on offer, however if you try to install these you do run the risk of losing your display altogether, so I didn’t bother. Perhaps do a bit of Google searching, as well as flicking through the Ubuntu forums to see if anyone has any updates on how the driver building is going.

    Best of luck,

  5. Re: comment #2 above (the one in response to the original comment..) I should provide a bit of an update on how my fresh install is going. Initially upon using it I thought it was great, but since then I have encountered a few problems.

    For a while it kept freezing when I tried to access particular websites. I tried to open up and regardless of the browser I was using it would freeze my computer. After a few times freezing and restarting it seemed that whatever i tried to open on my computer – be it over the internet or locally – my computer would freeze almost immediately. In frustration I shut it down and put it away for a few days, opting to use an alternative computer for a while. I have no idea what was happening but it (touch wood) seems to have stopped freezing for now.

    That said, I still can’t access flickr.

    I have since tried out accessing youtube and that freezes my whole system too.

    It seems that, particularly within browsers, I am unable to get most multimedia to work.

    After a bit of online research we think the new versions of Java and/or Flash are the problem.

    This wasn’t a problem on my last install of Gutsy as it was an update.. and was using an earlier Java/Flash that came with earlier versions of Ubuntu.

    I have no idea how to get rid of the new Java/Flash from my system, though, and replace them with earlier versions. So the problem continues.

    Any ideas?? I’m half-contemplating going back to Dapper.

  6. After all that I got frustrated and moved back to Dapper. What can I say? I’m a stability junkie when it comes to operating systems. And I can access everything I want to and it all works. Perhaps I’ll adopt a newer distro when it comes to beat Dapper for reliability!

    Click here to see a screenshot.

    Click here to see another one.

    Under ‘theme details’ in ‘theme preferences’, the controls are the ‘human’ default, the window border is ‘quiet-human‘, and the icons are ‘osx3‘. I have no idea where the wallpaper is from or who it’s by – it came on a free CD I was sent with my copy of Edgy – but it’s called Fallen Leaf. I have put it up on Flickr if you’re interested in adopting it yourself.

  7. Have you tried KDE? I dunno if GNOME is a “must-have” for you or not, but Kubuntu Gutsy on my Dell 2400 is working really well. I only really have/had two problem and I outlined them here and here. The first one I haven’t solved yet, but the second one has the solution in the post. Easy fix, if you ask me.

    And, when I get my DSL hooked up (bloody phone co.) I’ll be blazin’ on the t00bs. No more waiting a week for updates to download! Woo-hoo!

  8. Hi Amy!! Happy new year!!!

    I haven’t tried Kubuntu, no, but I have tried the KDE desktop of Ubuntu and also SimplyMEPIS before on this laptop and they weren’t quite as good as trusty old ubuntu. I know they aren’t Kubuntu but they are KDE I think.

    It’s good to hear it’s working on your laptop well though – perhaps in the future I’ll get motivated enough to put a more modern system on this. After doing about 4 installs in the past week or two I’m a bit over it though so I think I’ll stay put for a little while!!

    You won’t know yourself when you get DSL! It is so amazingly fast compared to dialup. Thankfully we just got a government in over here who have raising internet speeds high on their agenda, so we’ll soon (hopefully) have better broadband infrastructure over here, and as a result much faster and cheaper DSL. Which is a big Hooray!! for us, as the plan we’re currently on with Telstra (1500/256kbps, 12GB/month) costs us AU$69.95/month (US$61.12).

  9. Mine’s a desktop, but I think I’ll be getting a lappie later this month. *grin*

    Well, I do know that you can run Ubuntu with an window manager. *shrug*

    Whoa… We’re paying US$25 a month for 3Mb DSL, no limit, I guess. It’s much better than the dialup, since I don’t have to “log in” to the internet. It’s always on, so I don’t have to worry about blocking the phone or even thinking about what I want to do online. It’s always there. That can be a good thing and a bad thing, but hey… *grin*

    Happy New Year to you too! I think it’s going to be a good year for me (or, anyways, I hope). With my new job and such, I’ll actually have some money… Which is how we can afford the DSL. *grin*


  10. Wow – US$25 is extremely affordable compared to our prices!!

    We were previously on a plan with a company called Dodo that charged $49.95 per month, 512 unlimited, but their service was really inconsistent and the customer service was appalling. It wasn’t really that fast, either.

    So we switched to Telstra, which is $69.95 per month. The plan is for 24 months with the first 9 months half price, the speed is greater (~3x), and although it’s not unlimited you only get shaped if you go over the 12GB/month, not charged extra.

    It’s probably not the best plan around but the company – Telstra – is partly public owned and we have found them to be pretty reliable overall – at least in terms of their broadband and local telephone services. Their dialup is about as bad as everyone else’s!

    A big plus is that they are about the only internet provider who hasn’t outsourced their customer service operations, so when you have a problem you can actually talk to someone who a) lives in and understands your particular country/geography, b) speaks your language, and c) has a stable telephone line! And, if you do have a problem and it’s not resolved, you can usually get in touch with an actual human being instead of just being shifted around from call center to call center, talking to machines in between. Or, so far that’s the case anyway.. touch wood it stays that way!!

    Another bonus is that because we have a Telstra telephone service, our bill for the ADSL is rolled in to that so you only have to pay the one bill. This a paper bill you get in the mail every month and that you can pay using a number of different methods, including bank transfer and also by physically going in to your post office and paying it there. This is a huge plus because with Dodo they only accepted credit card payment or direct debit from your bank account. We chose the latter with them because we don’t have a credit card and it turned out an absolutely horrible ordeal – your bill would be due on one day, they wouldn’t take out the money for a week or two later, and in the interim your internet service would be either cut off completely, have limited accessibility, or would require some kind of esoteric login/logout/login/logout sequence before it would work (taking sometimes HOURS/DAYS to get working). Trust me, after about 12 months of dealing with such bullshit just so as to check your email the extra $20 for Telstra is worth it!!!!!!!!

    So yes. There are cheaper plans, but whether you actually get stable broadband at the end of the day is another question!!!

  11. RE: Internet

    Whoa. That’s nutso. The DSL is always on and it’s through our phone bill, so it gets paid when we pay the phone bill.

    Sounds like Dodo was a real dodo of a service provider (pun intended…). I wouldn’t expect anything less than 95% uptime from the phone company. They are required to work, especially in times of crisis… so I feel pretty confident about them. They’re cheaper than the cable option and I’ve heard really bad things about Comcast (anyway, their stupid commercials annoy the hell out of me, so I’m not going with them)… like the service cutting out for days and getting “shaped” as you put it; ie, people pay for X up and Y down, and can only get half that because they’re on a node with ten other people that like to game and run torrents… So, yeah.

    DSL is actually the best deal in this area. It’s not free (heh… don’t I wish…) but it’s worth it.

    RE: Job

    I’m working at Delphi (a huge supplier for the auto industry). I’m in a product engineer position, doing costing for changes to the new steering column design. My job requires me to interface a lot with people and ask them to do stuff for me. Not my strong point, but I’m getting better at it.

    I’m off to warm up. It’s cold around here right now.


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