Mid October Gardening Photos

More of our slightly overgrown vege patch.

Left to right:
Curry leaf plant, garlic chives, sage bush, parsley bush, mizuna, lemon seedling.

Sage close-up.

Mizuna leaves, flowers and seed pods.

Broad beans, nearly finished.


Grosse Lisse progress.

Peas still coming!

New chilli seedlings.

Front to back:
Spring onions, lettuce, Swiss chard.

Romas planted in a shadier section of the patch,
and not looking too bad considering!

Tomato seedlings.

A space planted out with golden gourds, white scallop squash
and golden zucchini seedlings.

Spinach – looking a bit uninspiring, but much more than we’ve managed to grow elsewhere!

Roses. This bush – like all the others on this block – was badly diseased and pretty dead looking when we arrived. I cut them all back really hard in early winter and dumped an occasional handful of blood & bone, fish emulsion and dynamic lifter on them, as well as liquid chook manure on at least one occasion. They’ve responded pretty well, with lots of buds appearing in the last week or two.

Hopefully we’ll get hold of some mulch over the next few week –
things are wilting already, even on milder days!


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