Howard’s biggest lie?

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What is Prime Minister John Howard’s most impressive lie?

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2 thoughts on “Howard’s biggest lie?

  1. The Children Overboard really shook me. It was really dirty, filthy, and cruel.
    Lying about policy, core promises and such is typical of all politicians, but slandering refugees is something else….

    I was also terribly disturbed when Johnny flew straight home from the September 11 attacks, and called for the ‘Riding the Wave Of Fear’ election. (This may have been the same year as the Children Overboard, I think).

    But what disturbs me most is that no-one has held him to task for such despicable behavior.

  2. Yeah, I agree. If you watch him enough on current affair programs – particularly Lateline and the 7.30 Report – and combine that with a bit of midday / late night viewing of Parliament Question Time, you start to realise that there are very few questions that he actually answers. He dodges them with stupid short answers that completely dismiss peoples’ attempts at holding him accountable for his actions. He’s a compulsive liar – he’ll do or say absolutely anything for the sake of ‘keeping the economy strong’ – i.e. for *money*.

    Why is the economy strong? Perhaps it’s related to the fact that everyone is working their arses off but still battling to live from day to day; because everyone’s being taxed but not getting services in return, and so are forced to rely on themselves to retain any sense of livelihood. It’s no coincidence that all of our publicly owned resources have been severely underfunded (or sold off completely) for over a decade.

    If your parents were raking in the money but weren’t spending any of it on you, it would be called child neglect. Do it on a big scale and for some reason you can get away with it and be hailed as ‘great economic managers’? F*ck that!

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