Panfried Pork Chops, Apricots, Olives and Sage with Fig Cheddar Pasta Recipes

The other day we picked up two gigantic pork chops for $4. Tonight we needed something quick to have for dinner, so we threw this meal together. The sage was picked fresh from the garden, the apricots were leftover from a tin we opened last night for dessert, and the olives were originally bought to have with cheese and crackers.

We merely pan fried the chops until browned and well cooked, and then added a handful of the olives, salt and pepper, and a handful of sage leaves. Once these were warmed through, we added a splash of red wine vinegar, golden syrup, and half a cup of beef stock to make a quick sauce. The apricots were added last and warmed through before serving.

The pasta was the large spiral type, cooked with a dash of salt until aldente. After draining, a teaspoon of butter was stirred in, followed by about 8 small squares of fig cheddar. We bought this from a small gourmet deli in Midland Gate – around $2.40 for 100g and totally delish! (The Gourmet Deli – (08) 9274 8778).

The vegetables weren’t very substantial – we haven’t had a chance to do much grocery shopping lately, there’s not much in the garden to eat right now, and the fridge is a bit bare, vege-wise! So for this meal we just used a couple of carrots and stalks of celery cut rather finely on the diagonal, and then blanched them in hot water until reasonably tender. They were then drained, returned to the pot, and a tiny bit of butter and some maple syrup was added. We put the pot back on the heat for a few minutes after that, stirring well, until they picked up a little colour.

Quite an enjoyable meal overall! The combination of strong flavours like olives, tinned apricots, sage and fig cheddar didn’t compete at all – they melded beautifully. Something to try out if you have some pork chops in the fridge and feel like a quick yet tasty meal!



4 thoughts on “Panfried Pork Chops, Apricots, Olives and Sage with Fig Cheddar Pasta Recipes

  1. mmm… I have some pork chops in the freezer…
    Am I correct in assuming you made the sauce in the pan, with the chops still in there? Is that braising or something?
    Also, is Fig Cheddar an oddly-named style of cheddar, or is it really a cheddar made with Figs?

  2. Yep the sauce was made in the pan with the chops in.

    Yep, it really is made with figs! It’s Australian made and reallly good.

    They have another type at the same shop made with apricots – both are favourites now!

  3. I have to ask, where’s the maple syrup from? Globalization is weird…
    I loooove the idea of fig cheddar. I’ll have to start harassing some cheesemongers about ordering some for me!

  4. Hi Ann!

    The maple syrup wasn’t the real stuff.. it was ‘maple flavoured syrup’ – ie imitation maple. It was an Australian brand –

    It’s not completely necessary to use maple syrup – we would have used honey if we had some. The maple flavour is quite enjoyable though and we find it’s quite nice on steamed veges like this. You only use a very tiny amount to give a hint of sweetness, along with a small amount of butter to add some creaminess and saltiness, as well as lending a luscious shine.

    If you made this dish it’s not hugely necessary to even flavour the veges at all. We mainly stated that we had so that you would get an idea of the nice mingling of quite different flavours.

    The cheese is fantastic – if you phone the store they might be able to put you in touch with the manufacturer, and then I guess you could direct your cheesemonger to them if they’re interested in importing it. Or perhaps even just give the cheesemonger the store’s number and they can do their thing.


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