Food Blog of the Week #10

The Food Pornographer is one of my staples in the food blogging world. In part I’m addicted to the photography, but I also just enjoy it because it’s based in Perth, and therefore provides reviews of food that I might actually, at some point or another, go out and try.

Although some of the food posted on is out of our price range, most posts display food in Perth that is is good quality and value for money. Restaurant and cafe meals are interspersed with junk food, home-cooked food, and the odd recipe. The photography is top notch and the writing is engaging and honest.

Another one to add to your favourites list!



2 thoughts on “Food Blog of the Week #10

  1. It’s kind of disheartening (and flattering at the same time!) if your blog ‘fans’ complain about the blog not being updated enough. I don’t have kids yet but I can imagine if you have work, friends, a mate and kids PLUS you have to try and update your blog often, it can get tiring. As much as you love your blog, most people are doing it for fun, not to make money. It may stop being fun if you’re feeling the pressure to put out more than you can give (just like any job, except blogging shouldn’t feel like a job!). Just my two cents. Let me tell you, I’m a new blogger and the idea of people I don’t even know telling me they want more is so foreign to me! But, I’m trying to put myself in the Food Pornographer’s shoes. Amy @

  2. Yeah, I agree – it’s a little hard to tell whether you should be flattered or offended by such remarks. It’s quite a foreign idea for us, too!

    Some people do pay for extra features on blogs and I guess in that case they might have more of a right to complain. I’m not quite sure if TFP has a paid component of her blog – I know that she doesn’t mind people contributing to her hosting costs, but I doubt there are any extra features provided if you do so.

    I think constructive criticism is ok though – indeed I in some ways agree with one of the comments to TFP that ‘nowadays her writing seems rushed’ or somesuch. It’s unavoidable – if you’ve had a busy week then you do tend to want to write shorter entries, and they do probably in turn seem a little less enthusiastic than usual. But that doesn’t really mean you’ve lost any passion for your blog or its subject… indeed, I think it makes your blog more authentic – i.e. it makes it a more accurate ‘web log’ of your life.

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