Food Blog of the Week #9

Welcome to the 9th edition of ‘food blog of the week’. This week we’ve chosen to plug a blog that’s more on the love of food than on recipes per se. In keeping with our interest in the North American table (e.g. FBOTW #8) we heartily recommend Bay Area Burgers: a blog that chronicles the culinary travels of a 30-something American bloke in his pursuit of burger nirvana in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In doing so, he provides pictures and reviews of a range of local burgers – though, overall, his focus rests on the consumption and consideration of each outlet’s rendition of the bacon cheeseburger.

It’s the combination of great photography and fantastic commentary that makes this blog so entertaining. Some of the burgers look horrible, others look like heaven … but each meal is described in terms you’d expect to find in a wine review, not via a burger joint! Although in most cases this style simply causes you to roll around laughing, on another level it’s actually quite refreshing to read of someone so passionate and articulate about simple, commonly-available food.

Let’s face it, burger’s aren’t one of the most valued culinary arts, but their careful combination of flavours can – if well understood – result in complete taste-bud bliss. One poorly executed burger can just as quickly turn us off an outlet forever, though, showing us something of the power burgers have!

Bay Area Burgers – a classic blog to check out and keep bookmarked!



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