Food Blog of the Week #7

Welcome to our seventh installment of ‘food blog of the week’. We have been making a few desserts as of late, which is something relatively new to us. We never really used to have much of a sweet tooth, but living on a property with fresh fruit at our fingertips often inspires us to put it to use in cakes and the like.

A cat in the kitchen contains a variety of both sweet and savoury recipes, with the desserts featured looking particularly scrumptious (the waffle they recently devoured in the above picture being just one example!).

The recipes are detailed though easy to follow. The photography is wonderful and everything looks absolutely delicious, including what has to be one of my favourite food photos: a divine looking stuffed picnic baguette that reminds me of something you’d get for lunch at Miss Maud’s (my ultimate idea of comfort food!)

Check it out! 🙂

If you’d like to see other foodie websites that we like, visit our links page.



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