The Always Inspiring Peter Cundall

 What would Peter do?

Over the past decade my level of patriotism has gradually dwindled to its current level of nonexistence. It’s hard to feel proud about your place of origin when your people keep voting in conservative governments who ignorantly commit us to unjust wars, continually ignore pressing social and environmental issues, and generally malign people like me who don’t think that the direction in which we’re heading is a good one.

Much of the time it feels like the whole nation/world is going crazy; like there is really no hope. Every Saturday, though, some of my faith in humanity is restored. Peter Cundall digs his hands into the soil, scatters some blood and bone and plants some veg and suddenly things seem a little brighter.

I think I’ve watched Gardening Australia since birth. Our family used to watch it religiously at dinnertime, and I’ve made sure to continue that tradition since I ‘fled the nest’. On a basic level, the show is just bloody entertaining to watch and contains a host of really practical advice about gardening. On a deeper level though, it’s reassuring to know that there are still people out there who think that the world is something worth nurturing; that self interest and the market aren’t the prime reasons for existence.

I love Cundall’s attitude to life and the fact that he’s still got that outlook at 80 years of age. He’s one of the most inspiring figures I can think of, and I can only hope that more Australians aspire to be like him.

Imagine how different Australia would be if someone like Peter Cundall was appointed PM a decade or two ago? I think we’d all be a lot happier and more excited about composting, that’s for sure. Aside from joking, though, I reckon we’d be a lot more excited about our lives and the future of the world. I know I would be, anyway.


4 thoughts on “The Always Inspiring Peter Cundall

  1. Damn straight. We should all be aspiring to reach for his heights.
    The more of your blog I read, the more I love it. The gardens, the food, the beer, the chickens.
    Except the OS. I use a Mac.
    Keep up the great blogging. Yay!

  2. Did you know Mac OS is actually loosely based on an old OS called UNIX; Linux is actually a clone of UNIX. We have more in common than you think. Except yours costs money and ours is free. Glad to hear you like the blog! 🙂

  3. Yeh, I know.
    I find OS X much easier for luddites like myself+my wife…
    No disrespect meant to Linux – the whole Open Source stuff s hugely important and valuable…

  4. No worries at all. OS X is still better than Windoze, so that’s all that matters 😛

    If you have a spare computer, though, Ubuntu is fun to try out, and also rather handy to have around in the situation that you need an up to date computer but can’t afford the operating system and/or software.

    You can sign up to be posted a copy of Ubuntu, free of charge, at: (and they’re not telling fibs – ours arrived really quickly!)

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