Canaan’s Canadian Bitter Light Brown Ale Recipe

canadian bitter

This is my most recent homebrew. It was made with a Coopers Canadian Blonde kit, 50g chocolate malt, 200g crystal malt, 500ml liquid rice malt, 30g Saaz hops pellets (flavouring), a 12g Hallertauer hops teabag (aroma) and 1kg bag of Coopers Brew Enhancer 2. I used the kit’s ale yeast to ferment this one.

Because I boiled some of the hops pellets for about 40 minutes as flavour additions, this beer has a strong level of bitterness. Not unpleasantly so, though. Strangely enough, the flavour reminds me a lot of a Pilsner. The chocolate malt has given it a slight roasty flavour. Head retention is very good, probably thanks to the crystal. A good session beer for hop heads.

The Coopers Canadian Blonde kit is apparently pretty ordinary when made by itself, but is a good base for making personalised beers from as it is quite neutral and can take extra hop and malt additions well.


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