Aged ‘Half and Half’ Brew

aged half and half

We made this beer over two years ago now. It was a mixture of Coopers Dark Ale and Coopers Real Ale (light), to make half & half in the bottle. Because it’s a two-can brew, it is extremely rich and hopsy, with the dark ale giving it a roasty kind of character.

It’s a really nutritional tasting brew, with an intense, somewhat marmite-like aroma. The picture actually makes it look a little clearer than it is – it’s actually a touch opaque. This doesn’t detract from the taste, however, which is full-bodied yet quite satisfactory as a beverage to have with a meal – particularly with Germanic food. One pint now and then is more than enough, however, as it is quite potent!

Because of the dark flavours, we often use this brew when making bread, as it gives the loaf a deep malty taste.

— Canaan & Ash


2 thoughts on “Aged ‘Half and Half’ Brew

  1. Hi Gizo,

    Yes, I do put two kits into the one fermenter. Do note, however, that in a ‘kit and kilo’ recipe you usually top up with water to 23 litres, but with a ‘two can’ brew you can add a couple of extra litres of water (because both cans are hopped, you need a little extra water to mellow the flavour a bit – it can be quite bitter otherwise).

    There are advantages to doing it this way because you can mix and match different types of kits, producing a lot of different types of styles and flavours.

    If you’re concerned with the end product being too bitter, then a good combination might be to choose one can that is not so heavily hopped (i.e. a draft) and couple it with one that is more hopped.

    Good luck!


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