Apps of the Week

This week we review the web browser Flock, and the gnome Recipe Manager.

Web Browser: flock

It surprises me how often Firefox is plugged as the most popular and stable of web browsers. It’s good and all, but recently I’ve started to favour Flock as my browser of choice, and wonder why it isn’t given more credit. I like its layout, its look, its response time … and I love all of the stuff that is built in – stuff that you just don’t find in your average browser.

This blog entry is actually being written from within Flock – meaning I don’t have to log in to in order to type this up – blogging is fully integrated … Meaning that if I see something on a site that I think is interesting or blogworthy, I merely right click, select ‘blog this’, and begin writing. I can also, with similar ease, access and add to my flickr site from within Flock – a genius invention that allows you to drag pics in as you go. SO convenient!

Gnome App: gourmet recipe manager

Another highly recommended app – especially suited for the Ubuntu user – is the Gourmet Recipe Manager. I installed this today and love it already. It’s layout is similar to that used on recipezaar, meaning it’s very easy to use and navigate through. You simply type in the recipe details (name, time, cuisine type, etc), your ingredients, the method, and any notes you have, and click ‘save’. You can add pictures too. The program then adds the entry to your overall recipe database, which is searchable by recipe name, cuisine type, etc.

It also contains a fantastic ‘export’ function, where you can convert it into .pdf and .html formats, amongst others. I tried converting mine in to a .pdf and it looked fantastic. The best part is that you don’t have to do any formatting – you simply type in the basics, and the program makes it look all neat and easy on the eye for you.

Such a good invention – I love simple, easy-to-use apps like this. It’s so good it’s making me think twice about suggestions by the other half of space wildschwein that we put a computer in the kitchen!

— Ash


2 thoughts on “Apps of the Week

  1. Flock is awesome! I’m having a little bit of trouble with it under Ubuntu. It’s crashing. I think I’ll be keeping Firefox my main browser til they get the 1.0 version up and running.

    That recipe manager is pretty cool too. I have loads of stuff to put in there. I need to find some time to do that.


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