The Eco Benefits of Going Linux


Well, all of our posts so far have been on the cooking side of things, so I thought we’d have a shot at diversifying a little and write something on one of our other obsessions: Linux!

Amy’s Ramblings kindly informed us today of a recent article on about how the UK government has recently begun extolling the environmental virtues of being a Linux user – interesting news, and something to definately commend them for!

I know that some government departments over here (in Australia) run some of the more proprietry breeds of Linux, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying its use is widespread, let alone endorsed by government. In fact, the opposite is probably true, with the current administration being strongly pro-business (and so probably, by extension, pro-Windoze).

It is good to know that these kinds of analyses and critiques are beginning to surface in the mainstream – especially if it means more Linux friendliness and less Microsoft dependence!

I for one won’t be buying in to the Vista farce!


2 thoughts on “The Eco Benefits of Going Linux

  1. I just happened to hear today that the town of Espoo in Finland (the second largest municipal government of the country although as a matter of fact just a number suburbs to Helsinki) is considering a council motion to go all Linux. This would include both the administration and all public computers available for citizens in libraries, schools etc.

  2. A few local councils here have championed Linux for some departments though I notice that the UK government is now pushing thin client computing as a ‘green’ low carbon footprint solution.

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