Beer, Glorious Beer – Homebrew Update

munich lager

01.04.07 Update: This ‘Munich Lager’ is VERY drinkable. We have been enjoying it with dinner as of late, especially with Germanic foods like boiled meats, dumplings and sauerkraut. Such a fantastic accompaniment – really cleanses the palate! We’ll be going shopping at a local home-brew store tomorrow to check out their range, with view to starting up another batch soon. We’ll keep you posted on which one we choose and the results! We’d love to hear some feedback/see pics from other home-brewers, so please feel free to comment us and link us to pics of your own yeasty masterpieces!

bottled beer

Here is a picture of the home brew we have been making over the past week, and which we bottled last night. The last lot we made was a mixture of dark and light ale, which I guess you might have called ‘half and half’. It was very potent and lasted us two years! It was a great drop – not only good to drink, but great in bread mixes and gravy recipes. This lot of home brew is a new type we’re trialing called ‘Munich Lager’. We’re not sure what it will taste like just yet, but it is noticeably lighter in colour compared with our last lot, which was practically black. We’ll post a short review once we’ve tasted it, and also provide a few recipes here and there to show how we use beer in the kitchen 🙂


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